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Let's do it.


Some step by step photos of my recent painting progress. The quality of my wip photos is always bad, but it has been even worse. :’D

Close-up pictures here.

Thank you so much for everyone, who have given me such kind feedback, it means a lot! 

paramediks asked: is there a 'system' ( i guess thats the right word uhm) u use to pick colors? ?? they're always really vibrant and lively :^o


Nope I don’t, I just go with my gut most of the time

An easy way to keep your colors bright though is to keep the main colors of your picture in this range:


Not to say you can’t use the rest of the square, but I find that it’s easiest to stick in the triangle if you want a brighter palette



YEAH ANYWAY,TRY TO have both bright and dull colors cause it generally makes for a more balanced picture, the best thing to do is to EXPERIMENT and have fun!


Dan Liu, Capriccio of Coal Exchange.